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#WallOfFame - Dizzsani

Ayy guys, @nittyb_ here!

Today we are bringing back an old classic segment. Yeah you guessed it, the Wall Of Fame. Here at the Wall Family we love to spread support to those who rock with our channel, radio show, or any artist out there who needs an extra platform to promote their work. Big shout out to our original Wall Of Fame member @_loc_luger.

Today our #WallOfFame spotlight goes to Baltimore, Maryland's own @Dizzsani, aka Peso Xanny. Now I know what you guys are thinking, we have had a lot of DMV artist/rappers on the show before they broke through in the industry. Artist like Xanman, Goonew, MoneyMarr, Lil Dude, Yung Manny, SOS, & a few others. What do all these DMV artist have in common? They all managed to blow up after we had them on the show in the beginning stages of their careers. DMV success rate is 100% right now after dealing with the NittyBumVille radio show, so things are really looking good for this up and coming Baltimore artist Dizzsani. If you want to understand a little about Dizzsani's style but don't fully want to dive into his art, at first glance you can instantly tell he loves dark and emo aesthetics. The artist may or may not being influenced by Three Six Mafia, $uicideboys, and other dark horrocor rap, but one thing forsure he's carving out his own lane with his unique style. The mostly dark, sometimes uptempo beats, mixed with the aggressive drill movement lyrics, definitely makes him stand out in the current DMV rap scene that focuses on punching in and out and aggressive catchy punch lines. One thing is certain Dizzsani likes to try different styles. While one song named "Distance" is very industry ready, the lyrics are painting a picture of the everyday reality of life. Verbally describing what can happen if you get caught up in the streets, while still pleasing to the masses with the harmonized vocals and catchy punch lines. My favorite track by Dizzsani is Reckless!! From the jump he hops on the track with his aggressive flow, hard lyrics and in your face attitude that you can feel through the speakers. These type of tracks are spread out in Dizzsani's catalog but this one in particular can definitely become a fan favorite in the future for the up and coming artist. Big thanks to Dizzani and we look forward to having you on the show sometime in the near future, much love and keep on grinding!!

Make sure you check out Dizzani's music at the links below and make sure you check his music out live this Saturday morning on the #NBVRadioShow! 

Upcoming Music - Black Hearted 2

(August 13th, 2021)




DJ Candyland - ☆☆

DJ Warhol - ☆☆¹/2


DJ Candyland - ☆☆☆☆

DJ Warhol ‐ ☆☆☆☆☆

DJ Candyland Comments:






Indecisive Flow

DJ Warhol Comments:


Aesthetic Style



Up Tempo 

Beat Selection


Under Exposed

More Aggressive Networking

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