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#WallOfFame - G-Shine

Yo what's up world, it's your guy @NittyB_ here back on the blog site for another #WallOfFame spotlight segment post. Today on the blog we have an artist all the way from Europe, The Netherlands own G-Shine. Now we've had artist from Europe on the show before and shout out to our latest artist we've promoted coming out of Italy, @Toni2Milli, but we've never had one on the #WallOfFame spotlight segment and who better than G-Shine!

Coming straight out of Rotterdam, Netherlands this reggae sounding rapper sticks out from the jump. First thing you might notice sticking out while listening to G-Shine's music is his voice and delivery. You can tell this artist has studied hip-hop in it's original form as the delivery and aggression on the mic stands out at you just like your listening to a New York hip-hop track in the 80s or 90s. From my research this artist has been releasing music since 2007, and it's proof is shown on his YouTube catalog as his first song/freestyle posted on the site called, "Live Sound 2007" was upload 14 years ago. Now G-Shine who also goes by the name Serial G-Killer has over 800 subscribers on YouTube with over 100+ songs. This guy G-Shine is a veteran in this music industry and as people would like to say, an O.G. in the underground music scene. Regardless if your a fan of his versatile style, or his message driven music, the one thing you can't say is this artist hasn't put in his blood, sweat, and tears in this rap game over the years. My favorite track from G-Shine can be found on his YouTube page titled, "Mo Easy." The smooth beat with G-Shine's calm and smooth delivery really sets the mood for this track. If you need a track for your chill moments or when your with your crew smoking a fat joint than this song is definitely the one for you. G-Shine has a massive catalog from his many videos on YouTube to his tracks on Reverbnation. Is G-Shine one of the hottest rappers coming out of the Netherlands? This could be up for debate, but the one thing that isn't is labeling this artist as one of the most consistent rappers coming from the European country. Not because I said so but because the proof is in the pudding!





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