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Back at it like I never left. You already know who it's guys, @NittyB_ here. Today we have another Wall Of Fame artist spotlight, coming straight out of Indianapolis, YCMG. Now I know, Indianapolis or Indiana in general isn't the first location you might think of when your trying to find an up and coming rap artist. Be honest, besides the Indianapolis 500, The Colts, & The NFL Combine, can you name anything else coming out of Indianapolis? Other than @AmyCWaninger, owner of the Lead At Any Level LLC, we haven't had anyone from Indianapolis on the show so I'm very intrigued on writing this write up. 

One thing you can't do is sleep on art, sports and other things in life just because of the location it's from. With that being said, there's someone out there from Indianapolis that's ready to put Indianapolis on the rap game map, so why not YCMG? From the jump off first glance of YCMG's instagram this artist is just that, an artist! A lot of rappers can rap, but don't have their style mastered yet. You can tell from others like YCMG that he not only cares about his style in the booth but he definitely pays attention to the one outside of it. From first glance you could say, "oh yes he does something cool, like make videos or raps". Not only does his style of clothes match for the rap industry, his networking and marketing skills are displayed from the moment you open his instragram page. With dope cover arts, preview videos of music, you can also find YCMG repping his squad, Ice Black Rose Entertainment. Now I would be a liar if I said I knew any of the politics in the underground music scene coming out of the 317 but if someone asked me who I thought was the hottest group in the scene I would have to say Ice Black Rose Entertainment! If your apart of a team or label that doesn't support you like YCMG's group/label does than you need to find a new team to work with. Plus you can head to their instagram page and check out the label gear that I'm sure is out for sell on their website page. YCMG let's it be known what he reps and that's the type of things we need more of in the underground scene, teams rising up together instead of the constant fallout. As far as YCMG music goes most of his tracks are industry ready tracks already. YCMG has been making/writing music for 4 years now and you can tell he knows what sells art wise. The song "Tell Me" is a perfect example of what labels are looking for, it's industry ready, the concept is easy to grasp, and the overall the sound feels like it just came from the studios of a major label. If you need a song for you and your lady fellas this is a excellent song to throw in the slow down playlist. YCMG also has songs like, "Letter To My Brotha Pt.1" that will make you think and put your current reality into perspective, while showing off his versatility on the mic. My personal favorite from YCMG is the song, "LMFO". I not only love the concept of the song, but from the jump the chorus stands out in this aggressive tone that gives the listener a taste of whats to come later on in the song. Like most of YCMG songs you can tell he's aiming for his music to be played in the club, and this will definitely get put in my club playlist for when I DJ at different bars and venues in the future. In this new age of rap where people are worried about the flow and the harmonizing of the vocals, it's good to still see artist like YCMG whose flow isn't the most technically but the delivery and approach is aggressive, and in your face. YCMG music sounds like it should be in rotation at your local strip club or party bar and that my friends is a good direction to take. Imagine sitting at the club with your friends and you hear YCMG come on the loud speakers chanting, "Let Me Find Out". My friends call me nuts because I don't drink or get dances and how I still exclusively go to the clubs for the atmosphere, the vibe and most importantly the music. I've discovered a lot of new music and talent at open mic nights, strip clubs, and even regular bars. You would be surprised how many local artist are still trying to get their latest single played on rotation during a packed Saturday night. I would be the one in my section with my friends not on his phone heading to the DJ booth just to try and find out what that last song was, and if I heard, "LMFO" that's exactly what I'd do. First I'd be scream ayyyyyy and start dancing, bouncing off my friends like it's a mosh pot. Knocking over phones and bottles until I proceeded to the booth. 

YCMG is young, 20 years old and he's still some what new to this rap game but at the same time he has experience. It's just a matter a time, a hit away or a connection away for this artist to break out of the underground ranks. Not only because of his style and charisma in the booth, but his personal vision is set for greatness and majors love seeing that already installed in an artist. Plus he already has over 100 subscribers on YouTube, which is one of the hardest platforms to build traffic on. My take on YCMG is the more he gets in peoples faces the more people will become intrigued. Over time even if he has a cult like following that supports his music and shows then that's still a huge W in the rap game. I hope to have YCMG on the show in the future to talk about music and what motivates him in this industry to be successful. Until next time guys, I'm out! 

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