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#WallOfFame - Cherry

Good morning world @endeanna622 AKA DJ KandieLand and we’re back to do another #WallOfFame segment. Today’s segment is over an up and coming singer/songwriter from Chicago IL, @cherylraps! Cheryl Doyle AKA “Cherry” is a 29 year old unapologetic artist who not only uses her music as an escape, but hopes that it helps others as an escape as well. She’s giving me very strong Megan Thee Stallion energy in her music and style, which isn’t surprising because she's has been quoted saying, "That’s who I get some of my inspiration from." Her song “Pressure” in particular is one of my favorite songs by Cherry. The lyrics mixed with the energetic beat really makes for a well composed song, while Cherry’s song “Runnit” has bad bitch energy written all over it. With her club sounding music and her upbeat attitude would fool someone to believe this high headed independent woman has always been this high on life but it always wasn't like that. Cherry is suffering from anxiety and

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